Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am proud to serve as state representative for the residents of Chittenden 7-3, South Burlington. Thank you for the opportunity to work in Montpelier and here at home to build a strong and sustainable economy, strengthen out health care system, ensure fair workplaces for all Vermonters, and invest in safe and affordable housing.

The regular 2017 Legislative session ended May 19. Please click on the “2017 Session Report” above to read the highlights.  I  am proud of the work we’ve accomplished this year to produce a responsible budget with near unanimous support without raising fees or taxes.  And I celebrate the session’s increased support for wide-ranging needs: affordable housing, economic development, environmental protection, childcare, mental health, and more.  

I look forward to being home in South Burlington in the months to come, connecting with friends and neighbors while enjoying the parks and bike path.   Please be in touch over the summer and fall with your questions and thoughts about how we can move Vermont forward.   Whether we chat over the phone, via email, or sit down over a cup of coffee, I look forward to hearing from you.

My best,
June 22, 2017



 Paid for by the Helen Head Campaign, Mary L. Gauthier, Treasurer 65 East Terrace, South Burlington, Vermont  05403